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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 28, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> this is "dw news" coming to you live from berlin. a knife rampage in hamburg left one person dead and six injured in a supermarket. a suspect is under arrest right now. we will have the latest for you coming up. plus, defiance again. north korea test fires another missile. it appears to have landed in japan's territorial waters. and seven turkish journalists on trial on terror charges are
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released, but there 10 codefendants are released -- their 10 codefendants remain behind bars. we will get more. i'm sarah harmon. it's good to have you with us. we begin in the northern german city of hamburg where a man with a knife killed one person and injured six others in an attack at a supermarket. police have arrested a 26-year-old suspect from the united arab immigrants, who may say was tackled that passersby while attempting to flee the scene. no motive has been revealed, but police say the suspect was acting alone. the attack place in a hamburg district near the suspect had ties to germany's salafist seen -- scene. let's cross over to thomas. he is monitoring the situation
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for us. what more do we know about the incident? >> the police have confirmed the main suspect was, as you mentioned, a man from the united arab immigrants, although they are still trying to find more details about his citizenship. it is a 26-year-old man. there's also more information on victims. the man that died, a 50-year-old german. there are six people injured. according to police, the injuries are very serious. we still do not know the motive behind this incident. police investigating in all possible directions, but also, as you said, there are also reports here in german media. again, this is information that has not been confirmed by the police. it's information that has been reported by german media, citing
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security officials, so we still have to wait to confirm information about the motives behind the incident. >> as we await that information, can you tell us more about what is happening behind the scenes right now? >> is a special commission put in place including some of the departments at the state level. the homicide department, for example, the state security department. they are trying to investigate the reasons he highly attack. they are also investigating more information about the main suspect. again, police said there was only one suspect, denying information there had been a second suspect involved. at the same time, they are asking people to share their information, photos,s, videos oa special website that the department of police in hamburg has tried -- has put in place to gather more information and
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ultimately find the reason behind today's attack and hamburg. >> we know you will tell us more as soon as you get it. a court in the german city of stuttgart has ruled older cars could be forced off roads in order to clean up the air in the city center, but putting limits on diesel is controversial. the state is expected to appeal the decision on behalf of car manufacturers. >> this busy street in stuttgart is the jet -- the dirtiest in germany. the air quality has been bad here for years. the concentration of tequila matter and nitrogen dioxide is way higher than allowed under eu regulations. this morning, a court ruled that the state government has plans to clean the air in stuttgart do not go far enough. the state goverernment has to at
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now and impose bans as of january 1, 2018. i'm confident the people of stuttgart who have found their voice and taken to the streets will find appropriate ways to get the state to stick to the promises it made earlier this year. the court said banning older diesel vehicles would be the most effective and in fact the only way to improve the air quality in stuttgart as fast as possible, but it is still up to the state government to actually declare such a ban. we have to study the court ruling carefully. it is a complex matter. we have to take a very close look before any such measures are taken. the court also said that upgrading older model diesel vehicles would not by itself be enough to meet eu limits on emissions. >> north korea has fired another ballistic missile according to the u.s. and japanese governments. japan says the missile appears
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to have landed in its own territorial waters. tokyo's chief cabinet secretary says north korean missiles flew for about 35 minutes and appear to have landed and what is known us japan's exclusive economic zone. it comes just weeks after pr yang -- pr yang -- p'yongyang successfully tested its first intercontinental missile. good to see you. we know the defense department is monitoring the situation closely. >> they have confirmed it is an intercontinental missile similar to the one that was launched just weeks ago at the beginning of july, but the point to take away from this missile is that it flew longer, hire, and further than the previous missile had. it landed in the economic
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exclusive zone of japan, which has japan also very concerned. this has c caused a lot of expes in the u.s. to think north korea has been speeding up its program, and the pentagon also announced it is shaving off did of years on the estimate of how long it could take north korea to h have a nuclear weapon. >> does this new test pose a threat to the security of the united states? >> one of the first things the pentagon spokesman said when he confirmed this took place was that it didid not pose a threato the u.s., but that has not stopped some panicicking among experts today. we have seen estimates that an icbm missile like the one that north korea launched for abobout 10,000 kilomometers could reach citieses on the west coast of te u.s. or even go as far as a place like chicago, which is mumuch more inland in the u.s.
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in addition to confirming this information, the pentagon has said they are monitoring very closely and that actually, they were expecting this. u.s. spy satellites have been watching the area for several weeks waiting for a test. >> we have seen a series of provocations from north korea recently. what options does the trump administration have to stop these? >> this is the problem, that the administration is really running out of options. we have seen trump take a much harder line stance on north korea than his predecessor, saying that this era of strategic negotiations is over, but the administration has not come out with a policy approach. this comes to the weeks after the new south korean president made an unprecedented diplomatic extension to p'yongyang to
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restart talks between the countries and the diplomatic hand that was extended was not answered. perhaps north korea is just waiting for the inevitable next round of sanctions to come down to say we will be forced to accelerate our program. >> thank you very much. republicans in the u.s. senate failed early friday to overturn the health care law known as obamacare. it is a sustained blow for president trump and may and the party--- the party past seven-your quest to kill the bill. public and leaders decided on a proposal to repeal portions of obamacare after already failing to reach consensus on more comprehensive measures. one of the three republican senators who voted no was former candidate for u.s. president
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john mccain, a senator from arizona. here's what he saiaid. >> i am voting no unless i see there is a path to a confeferene that wilill come out with h a rt that will address the challengnges. the statatus quo in my state is unsatisfactory. that's why i'm working with the governor of my state who has posted three different amendments, which i wiwill be putting up for votes as we go through, and if it satisfies the governor, then i would be satisfied. right now, my governor is not satisfied. >> turning now to turkey where seven journalists on trial for terror-related charges have been released on bail, but 10 of their colleagues remain in jail. supporters of thesee journalists include international human rights organizations, and they have then demanding their release. some have an in custody for as much as nine months. the newspaper has been outspoken in criticizing the turkish
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president. dorian jones has been following the trial for us all week. good to see you. seven journalists have been releasased, but other prominent defendants are being kept i in jail. is thaa surprise e for you? > i think thehe relelse of te seven will bee seen ass a welele developmpment. it was expected some would be released, but t not this many. therere was a glimmer of hope tt all would bee released,d, givene fact that the foformer president intervened today, cacalling forr the release of t the journalali. it was hoped that would open the door, given that he was o once a close ally of the present presesident. it was seen it would be a big surprise if they were released.
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>> what happens now with 10 of them still in jail? i mean, the casase has now b bn adjournened, and it will reconve in septetember. we'llll start t to hear witnessn this trial, but the triall is st to g go on for many months, ands is destined many will remain in jail kept away frorom their lovd ones. >> what does this mean for freedom of the press in turkey? >> i think this case has -- is seen as pivotal. given the fact that they work for a paper of record for challenging those in power. this is really the last remaining mainstream critical newspaper of the government and president. if the case succeeds, it will send a chilling effect to anyone else considering opposing the government. that is why it is seen as such an important case. it is being closely watched here in particular by writers who are still trying t to challenge the government. >> we can see some pictures of demonstrators on the screen. how is this case you -- viewed
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in turkey? are there people sympathetic to these journalists? >> there are supporters of the president buying his line that no one is above the law, including journalists. something in the region of 90% of mainstream media is u under direct or indirectct control of the g government, t they b belie able be s spinning the e story g ththe president's linine, but te other half of the country see this paper, particularly because of its rich heritage, as crucial to the country and crucial to free journalists and demococracy itself r remaining in this coununtry, which manany people l is increasininy under threat. >> dorian jones reporting for us from istanbul. thank you.
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israrai police b barred men undr the age of 50 from attending friday prayers. several people have been hurt after minor clashes in the compound. the mosque has been at the center of increased tensions over the last two weeks of palestinians boycotting it over contentious security measures israel later removed. meanwhile, gaza's health ministry says a palestinian teenager was killed in clashes with soldiers stationed at the border fence with israel. let's take a look now at some other news in brief from around the world. british officials say more than 80 buildings across the country have failed higher safety test. the buildings have type of exterior covering that is unsafe. it is and -- is suspected it may
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have contributed to the rampant spread of a fire in london last month. u.s. lawmakers agree to place new sanctions on russia. we will be back in a flash. don't go away.
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>> welcome back. you are watching "dw news p or our top stories -- one person killed and six injured in a knife attack in a supermarket in the german city of hamburg. police have arrested a suspect. police reporting he had ties with ultraconservative muslims, but that has not been confirmed police. pakistan's prime minister has resigned after the supreme court disqualified him from holding public office. he's under criminal investigation for corruption.
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he has denied any wrongdoing. >> members of pakistan's opposition emerged from the courtroom victorious. the verdict from the supreme court in islamabad -- the prime minister disqualified from public office. the court ruled he and his family have been living beyond ththr means. pakistanan's courtrts have madee prime miminister accountablele. a prime minister has been asked how the value of his assets and his children's assets increased millions of times during his time in office. today is a day of victory for pakistan. their supporters cecelebrated te moment they y have been wawaitig for for more than a year -- when the allegations first surfaced. these party activists feel that justice has been done. but sharif's supporters vowed to
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contest the ruling. the followed investigation into family wealth after the panama papers linked his family to the a property in london. his party expressed disappointment. >> we were not surprised but saddened. prime minister sharif has always been successful in politics, history, and among the people. >> he was serving his t third tm as prime minister and had previously been seen as a political survivor. now his party will have to nominate a candidate to take over from him and lead the country into next year's general elections. >> earlier, we asked our correspondent in islamabad sharif tossed trial could be considered fair.
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>> [inaudible] but as far as the broader case of the panama papers is concerned,d, he has b been facig charges for more than a year now . to provide documentary evidence of where and how his family have [inaudible] he has repeatedly, the course is now, all in short of being able to prove the money trail. [inaudible] >> turning now to other news, little charlie gard has died. the terminally ill british baby was at the center of a bitter dispute over treatment. he suffered a rare genetic
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condition and his parents thought a rare legal battle to the able to take them to the united states for treatment. americans are spending more money, but their salaries, it seems, are not increasing so much. >> let's take a look at the latest gdp numbers then, starting with the good news. the u.s. economy rebounded in the second quarter as consumer spending picked up and businesses increased their investment. wage gains, though, did the main sluggish, casting a shadow over the growth outlook. preliminary figures from the commerce department put gdp growth at 2.6 percent, more than double the first quarter pace, but he's celebrating wage growth could put the federal reserve in a tight spot as it looks to raise interest rates one more time this year.
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>> let's delve into those numbers now with our man on wall street. is this growth sustainable? >> well, i mean, the growtwth we are seseeing for the past couple of years actually physically in the past eight years, has not been mind blowing, but pretty steady, so we are seeing this range of growth between 2% to 3%. most economists actually believe this could continue if, let's say, washington all of the sudden comes up with tax cuts that could even widen the growth in that further, but at this moment, it does not look like we will see any majority soon. there are really not that many economists who see a recession around the corner. growth could go on for another 2, 3, 4 years, for sure, nobody knows for certain, but this
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steady growth looks to continue a. >> we are hearing transatlantic carries a carving of the skies ahead of her exit. tell us more aboutut that. >> there was a lot of uncertainty what is going to happen with the airport and some of the british carriers like virgin atlantic. we might be looking at the number one alliance between europe and the u.s. there is already an alliance between air force, klm, and delta, and is also an alliance between delta and virgin atlantic. now the plan is to combine those two. this super joint venture if we want to put it that way, could broaden the frequent flyer miles program of those airlines, and they can also coordinate on fares and on schedules, so it's
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really going to be a better option for passengers remains to be seen, but we might be looking at the biggest alliance, the biggest transatlantic alliance in the world. >> thanks for that and have a great weekend. people in senegal head to the polls on sunday. the president has been in power since 2012, and the head of state has been in germany to talk about creating jobs to stop as many people leaving for europe. >> fishing is their livelihood, but ever fewer senegalese fishermen are able to feed their families. they often trawl illegally for huge numbers of fish and these the catch right on board for shipping back to their countries. this has been frequently
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documented by environmental groups. the situation has driven many senegalese to search for a better life in europe. some of the migrants find work there and are able to send money home. remittances from abroad now make up nearly a 10th of the country's gdp. senegal plus gdp has been showing growth in the past few years. in 2016, it rose by 6.6%, but because the population has also risen, the gross national income is under 940 euros a year. by comparison, in germany, it's 38,000 euros per person. that places senegal among the world's least developed countries. nearly half the population lives in poverty. but there are many projects like this workshop funded by germany that are designed to give young senegalese a future in their own country.
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these young men are learning how to repair motors for air-conditioners of cars. it's one of the kinds of skills the country urgently needs. >> if all the senegalese and all the africans left for europe, we would not have them. in africa. the europeans developed europe. we africans can develop africa. for that, senegal has an economic action plan in place. it includes plans for building infrastructure and creating more jobs, for instance through modernization of agriculture. it could keep young people from leaving the west african country in search of a future abroad. >> back now to sarah for some sports news. >> thank you. turning now to formula one, the sport's governing body is introducing a cockpit protection system the two increase driver safety.
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it's called halo and will increase protection, but some drivers say they don't need it. >> a road tire will no longer pose as much of a threat to formula one e drivers. next season, they will have to race with the safety device halo to prevent injury from flying debris. experience driver fernando alonsoso has welcomed the chang. >> if they study y and develop e halo, ththis is the most effecte way to protect the head of the drivers, it's well done in my opinion. >> however, it will add five kilograms to each car lost weight. via ia have presented it as the only option, but some drivers have e expressed theheir doubt o if the addititional protection s needed. >> since we introduced a virtual safety guardrd, that reduced the risk when you are speeding back at the race.
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i don't t think you will lose te wheel l very easily. when there are, like, parts flying around from the car, it's not really going to protect you, so i don't really understand why we should need it. >> as formula one racing continues to become safer, perhaps soon the biggest threat to drivers will be lewis hamilton's dogs. >> that the dw news. you are up-to-date at this hour. i'm sarah harmon at the news desk in berlin. thanks for watching. take care. i'll see you soon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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. it's nine pm here in the french cut you watching live from. a full on so but this was throughout stories. this. pancho of corruption pakists supreme court disqualifies crimes that now was sherry from office. prompting sharif to resign. a tense calm in jerusalem after two weeks of unrest friday press the al aqsa mosque and peacefully but in the west bank. violence flies up once agai. that freed pending trial and i stumbled corporal six seven opposition newspaper employees. should be released intellect trial and the four others. i can remain behind because


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